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Make Your Writing Pop!

October 7, 2014 by in category Blogs tagged as , with 0 and 0
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OCCRWA’s October Online Class features multi-published author, Debra Mullins’ class “Self-Editing: Ten Tips to Make Your Writing Pop.”

Here’s Deb to tell you all about the class:

Hi, everyone. I’ve been asked to blog about my workshop, “Self Editing: 10 Tips to Make Your Writing Pop! I’ve done this workshop a couple of times over the years. In fact, it was the very first workshop I conceived after years of being published and judging contests. These are tips I’ve been following since my very first manuscript, things that got me a nomination for both the Golden Heart and RITA, among others. 

While we will go over some basic craft such as dialogue tags and active versus passive verbs, some of these tips go beyond the nuts and bolts of editing. They’re subtle things I learned early in my career from a great mentor: teacher, freelance editor, and writer Anne Frazier Walradt. 

I remember going with Anne years ago to an event we were both attending as board members of NJRW. I had entered the Golden Heart the year before and not made the finals. I was planning on entering again, and Anne had offered her insight. Unfortunately, time at the event had not allowed us to go over things privately, so I read her my pages in the car on the way home. She critiqued as she drove, and I frantically scribbled her comments on my hard copy. I implemented the changes and made the Golden Heart finals the following year. 

It’s support like this that encourages me to share what I have learned with other writers. 

In the online class, we’ll be exploring artistic touches to make parts of your sentences or paragraphs stand out from the others. A lot of what we do is subtle, but it affects your reader on a subliminal level. We discuss where to place certain points in a paragraph so your reader doesn’t gloss over them and miss important details that affect the story later. We’ll talk about poetic devices such as onomatopoeia and alliteration as a way to bring your scenes alive in vivid color, and we’ll touch on the concept of scene and sequel to keep your pacing even. It’s one thing to listen to a lecture; it’s another to apply the concepts to your own work in an active, working setting such as this one and watch the transformation. 
It’s Alina back again. Thank you, Deb sharing more details of your class.
And if you’re interested in signing up, the class runs October 13-November 9, 2014. For more information, or to sign up, please go to the OCCRWA website:

See you there!


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