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October 2017
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A Slice of Orange


Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day and don’t forget the mocha latte by Jina Bacarr

October 11, 2017 by in category Jina’s Book Chat, Writing tagged as , , , , , , ,

Writers write.

Teddy bears cuddle.

Who is in more need of a cuddle than a writer staring at the empty page?

So on Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day, grab those wonderful teddies and sit them next to your computer. Then watch the words fly onto the page as they whisper into your ear. Helping you write that love scene with more oomph…or googling research for you.

But if your teddy bears are like mine, they don’t work for peanuts.

Nope. It’s got to be double lattes. Pumpkin spice and a salted caramel mocha.

Who am I to argue? I think I’ll join them…delicious.

Happy writing!



PS — I’m working on a new Royals of Monterra Kindle Worlds for Christmas called Royal Noel.

Here’s a video with my current Monterra novels available on Amazon:

The Royals of Monterra — 4 books! from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Royals of Monterra series:


Twisted Tiaras:


Book 1: Royal Dare: It ain’t easy getting clean . . . even for a princess.


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Book 2: Royal Bride: Can a sexy prince give a girl a second chance at love?


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Book 3: Royal Kiss: Even a goody two shoes princess can get lost down the rabbit hole.


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Fairy Tales & Magic:


Royal Magic: The magic is in his kiss . . . a Philly girl falls in love with a royal magician.


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Never Give In

October 9, 2017 by in category It's Worth It tagged as ,

Once again, I’m in the middle of having no idea how my life will go in the near future. John’s job in New Zealand is over, and we are waiting to find out where we will live next. He’s interviewed all over the world, from Seattle to Stockholm, so we could end up anywhere. Meanwhile, we’re living out of four suitcases and guest room-hopping in Southern California.

Does that sound romantic? One of my friends said it did with a smile and a sigh. Consider it more deeply. I can’t make plans. I have no place to call home. I don’t have a recipe box or my usual kitchen appliances to cook what I’m used to eating. I don’t know how many groceries to buy because I don’t know if I’ll have to give them away soon if I buy too much. (We gave away over $500 of groceries when John got his last job because we didn’t know we’d be moving out of the country.) I can’t even buy many gifts because some would be too big to move, or would have the wrong type of electricity if we moved out of the country again.

Of course there are lots of positives as well! I’ve lived in other countries and seen beautiful lands and made amazing friends all over the world. I’ve seen my home country from different perspectives, which has helped me to understand the world a little better. I’ve eaten different foods and participated in different activities that I never would’ve known about.

But running a business as you constantly pack and unpack and move and move again is very difficult. A single move may cause you to have to pause your work temporarily, or work only on a laptop for a few weeks. But I’ve moved three times in the last year. (Hear my ginormous sigh.) When your life gets uprooted often enough, you may consider quitting and doing something else that you hope won’t be so difficult.

When I started writing this, I temporarily named the article, “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” because I love the movie Galaxy Quest. But I remembered a zippered pouch my husband gave me with a Winston Churchill quote on it, “Never, never, never give up” so I did a little research to share that with you as well.

What he actually said was:

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Any of us can use those words to strengthen ourselves against what pushes at us, what seems to be attacking us. Never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Sound advice.

But it was another section of Churchill’s speech that made me decide to write this for you. Listen to this:

You cannot tell from appearances how things will go. Sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are; yet without imagination not much can be done. Those people who are imaginative see many more dangers than perhaps exist; certainly many more than will happen; but then they must also pray to be given that extra courage to carry this far-reaching imagination.

He doesn’t say more on this, but segues into the “never give in” part of his speech. [You can read the text of the speech here (with two added paragraphs that aren’t in the audio) or listen to it here.] But it made me think. Yes, we imaginative, creative types see so many possibilities in the world. We see kind people and angry people and imagine them to be life-givers and destroyers. We see beauty and ugliness and we imagine them to be fleeting and forever.

We can create a new future just with our imaginations. But what will we choose to create? Something life-giving or something destructive?

Today, I’m tired. Bone tired. Soul tired. I don’t know how to have the strength to get through the next few months. But I don’t have to get through the next few months. I don’t have to decide now whether I believe the near future will be a blessing or a curse. I only have to decide what to do and how to feel now. In today’s box.

where is my life goingIn today’s box, I only have to post this blog, go to church, and move to another friend’s guest room. In today’s box, I only have to buy groceries for the next few days. In today’s box, I only have to try to relax and enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow I will figure out what is in the new “today’s box.”

Even Jesus preached this wisdom when He said, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)

I suspect that an upcoming “today’s box” will include looking for a substitute teaching job, something that can be started and stopped with a moment’s notice. Will I give in to the impulse to quit trying to make this writing business work? It’s tempting.

But I can use my imagination to see the world being a better place when people read my fun, encouraging, uplifting stories. I can imagine other writers being inspired by me to not quit when they listen to my podcast, read my nonfiction books and articles, and listen to me teach them what I know.

And I can imagine myself choosing each day to believe more in the good than the bad. I can believe more that we can make the world a better place, not allowing my imagination to see the world sucking the life out of me.

We have more power than we realize. We must use it. To encourage ourselves, to encourage others, to choose not to quit trying to make the world a little brighter because of what we do and who we are.

Decide with me today – never give in.

Kitty Bucholtz author photoKitty Bucholtz decided to combine her undergraduate degree in business, her years of experience in accounting and finance, and her graduate degree in creative writing to become a writer-turned-independent-publisher. She writes romantic comedy and superhero urban fantasy, often with an inspirational element woven in. WRITE NOW! Workshop, her website where she teaches and offers advice on self-publishing and time management, is under renovation. Look for the new website near the end of 2017!

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Murder By Magic, an Ebook by Meriam Wilhelm @meriamwilhelm

October 8, 2017 by in category Apples & Oranges tagged as , , , ,

We are please to announce Murder by Magic, a new book in Meriam Wilhelm’s Witches of New Moon Beach series.

Murder by Magic is the sixth book Meriam has set in the fictional California town of New Moon Beach.  However, there is a twist in this tale, Murder by Magic is  a cozy mystery featuring Ola Mae Masters and, of course, magic.  We hope you enjoy the book.




eBook: $3.99
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tags: 2017, Paranormal, The Witches of New Moon Beach
ISBN: 9781370436224
The word outsider describes Ola Mae Masters to a T.
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About the Book

The word outsider describes Ola Mae Masters to a T.

Orphaned at seven, raised by nuns, and tortured by an ability to read minds and see the dead, Ola Mae wanted nothing more than to find a place she could call home. Hoping for the best, she landed in New Moon Beach, opened a bookstore and settled into her new life.

But all was not as it seemed. Fate had delivered Ola Mae, into a cauldron filled with far too many shocks and surprises. Not the least of which was that she wasn’t really an orphan, but part of the powerful family of witches who had settled in her town.

Opening their arms to their sister, they help her hone her witchy powers just in time because a dark evil has come to New Moon Beach that will engulf Ola Mae in a maze of murder, magic, and mayhem that only she can control. With the support of her new family, her emerging supernatural skills, and the guidance of a handsome, magically gifted man Ola Mae must navigate a maze of death and destruction to save New Moon Beach and the man she loves.

Look Inside
Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the page above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
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The Effect of Blogging by @lindaojohnston

October 6, 2017 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense tagged as , , ,

The Effects of Blogging | Linda O. Johnston | A Slice of OrangeIt’s October already, the beginning of a new month.  As always, I’m surprised at how fast this year is going.  Plus, I’m always both excited and concerned as a new month begins, because I have a lot of blogs to write, particularly early in the month.

Why?  Because I’ve committed to write for quite a few blogs over the years.  And why is that?  Because I enjoy it.  Also, I hope to communicate with diverse groups of people about things that I care about, particularly relating to my books and writing.

I started writing for the predecessor of this Slice of Orange in 2007.  That’s the same year I started writing weekly posts for Killer Hobbies–you can visit me there each Wednesday.  There’s also Killer Characters on the 18th of each month, and InkSpot on the first Monday of each month.  And just recently, I started blogging for The Writers in Residence, on Wednesdays about every other month.

Are there similarities?  Sure, even though there are also differences.  I do sometimes use the same posts for more than one of them, or variations on them.

Would I recommend doing this to others?  Sure!  For one thing, I enjoy reaching out to the members and fans of the Orange County Chapter of RWA, as I do here.  And this is a different audience from those who read, for example, the Killer Characters blog, where each post is from the point of view of a character in a mystery series by whoever is posting that day.  Blogs are generally also a different kind of writing from fiction, whether romances or mysteries, more of an essay or letter most of the time.  Writing one doesn’t take terribly long, but it also helps to clear my mind, for a short while, from what I need to write or edit that day.

So–yes, I’d recommend that you, too, blog away, whether here or another blog or a bunch of them.  I keep hearing rumors that blogs are now unpopular, but they always seem to be countered by other rumors that they’re now very popular. 

Whichever is true, I’m still continuing to blog.

Author: Linda O. Johnston

Linda O. Johnston’s first novel was the 1995 Love Spell time travel romance A Glimpse of Forever. Since then she has published over 40 novels—mysteries and romances, including paranormal romance and romantic suspense.


Buy now!


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