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December 2017
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Home > Books > ROYAL MAGIC
eBook: $3.99
Series: Fairy Tales & Magic, Book 1
Genre: Romance
Tags: 2016, Kindle Worlds Novels, Royals of Monterra
Publication Year: 2016
The magic is in his kiss . . . a Philly girl falls in love with a royal magician.
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About the Book

The magic is in his kiss . . .

Believing she is responsible when her sister Emma retreats into a world of silence after their father dies in an accident, Afton Lane gives up her dream to work as an aerial silks performer. Instead, she teaches kids aerial arts to pay the bills and take care of Emma.

When Afton is invited to give a command performance on the silks before Prince Nico and Princess Katerina at the Monterra Arts Festival (Fairy Tales & Magic: Music, Magic, and Monterran Cuisine), she’s torn between getting a second chance to follow her dream and her obligation to her teenage sister. When a mysterious donor insists on paying Emma’s expenses, the two sisters take off for Monterra. Scoring a spot in the festival is a fantasy come true for Afton, but she knows the fairy tale won’t last.

His life ripped apart by a royal scandal, Count Ricciardo Carolini de Alessi, a Monterran royal, has women eager to find out if he’s as dangerous as they say. But the handsome illusionist known as Count Ricco sends them on their way like magic until the daring aerialist catches his eye. Deeply moved when he finds out about Afton’s sacrifice to take care of her sister, Ricco is intrigued by her and doesn’t want to let her go. He’s spent years looking for a woman to marry who puts family first. Could she be the countess of his dreams?

Passion ignites between the wildly sensual count and the city girl from South Philly when they meet up in Monterra. But Afton knows better than to believe in happily ever after with a man with the count’s reputation. She is determined not to fall under his magical spell. Still, Ricco won’t give her up. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever met. He is intrigued by her streak of independence and pursues her, determined to make her his wife.

Can Afton resist the rogue magician with the dashing good looks?

Or will she find out the real magic is following her heart?

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