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It’s National Make a Friend Day!


Books have been my friends since I read my first fairytale.

We moved a lot from state to state when I was a kid due to my dad’s work, so I was kinda slow making friends. I remember a teacher wrote on my report card, “…works well by herself, is shy and reads a lot.”

I was already in my third school.

And I was in the 3rd grade.

Over the years, books are still my friends, but like the little girls in the graphic I put together, it’s more fun to share those books with a friend.

So here’s to OCC/RWA and all the friends I’ve made over the years at OCC. From the audio meeting podcasts I did every month, to the RWA podcasts (never forget the Harlequin party at Atlanta when I videoed the OCC authors at the Ritz Carlton) to the interviews I did with guests at our meetings (Steven Cannell was definitely one of my favorites and a true gentleman). Thank you for being my friends…

And to everyone out there who stops by to read our stories and posts, I like to think of you as my friends, too. Got a question? Comment? Ask me.

Thank you!!


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