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Hello OCC!

So what is you give, you get? Well it’s that word no one wants to hear, Volunteer. It’s really not a dirty word.

Our long time members know that as they gave their time and knowledge on a board position, or a volunteer position, what they received back was priceless. And the perks are terrific. It’s amazing how much you learn and grow by just being on the board.

But volunteering has so many rewards. Not only do you get to socialize one on one with the other members, it helps you overcome any shyness, if you’re prone to it, but you also help keep OCC alive. OCC can only survive with the help and support of its many members. I was a member for only a couple of months when I began to volunteer and then I spent the next four years serving on the Board of Directors. It was a fount of knowledge and I was thrilled to learn the inner workings of the chapter.

Our veteran members worked hard to keep OCC going, and it’s up to all the new members to see that this tradition continues. “One hand reaching forward, One hand reaching back” is OCC’s motto and volunteering in any capacity is appreciated since the possibilities are endless. Volunteering can be a small job on a committee or if you like being in control, taking charge of one of our many small behind the scene jobs. So if you’re ready to give back to OCC by volunteering, remember, you’ll get so much more back in return. You can even volunteer by just helping out on the day of the meeting, ask us how.

I hear so many members say “I couldn’t have done it without OCC and their support” Well if that’s true then let’s show other chapters how OCC members take action. The world beyond OCC say we are a great and mighty chapter, let’s make sure that stays true.

We love to welcome new and old members to the OCC family, so jump right in, the waters great.

Elizabeth Scott 
OCC/RWA V.P. Programs    
Facilities Coord.   
Twitter: @authorelisescott

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