OCTOBER PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE by Mindy Neff and Sandra Paul

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For a fourth of a century, lovers of romance and writing have walked through OCC’s doors to discover the place they belong–a place humming with creative energy, where writers gather to discuss their craft and the publishing industry with others in their field.

Oh, the doors have changed through the years. Members discussing “What OCC Means to Me” on our website and within this newsletter mention meeting at the Sizzler or the Fullerton Library, at the Day’s Inn and even in a fitness center.  But what never changes at OCC is the passion its members have for writing and their generosity in helping other writers to succeed.        

Did you all know that OCC is the oldest RWA local chapter, founded immediately after RWA National was created? For any organization to last twenty-five years is a remarkable feat. For an organization run solely by volunteers to do so is an amazing testament to the consistent dedication of its leaders. The present OCC Board is well-aware that the many successes we have had this year are a result of the tenets laid down by those that have served before us. Although OCC’s past board members are too numerous to list here, we are honored to list the Past Presidents who led them:  

Chelly Kitzmiller (1981); Penny Richards (1982); Jenny Spindle (1983; Louella Nelson (1984); Maralys Wills/ Ann Johnson (1985); Rita Rainville/ Frankie Merkt (1986); Jill Landis / Gini Wilson (1987); Susan Leslie Phillips / Stephanie Westphal (1989); Sharon Brevik / Mary Ann O’Brien (1990); Mary Ann O’Brien / Linda Prine (1991); Linda Prine / Jackie Radoumis (1992); Karen Amarillas / Barbara Joel (1993); Julie Hurwitz / Carol Prescott (1994); Patricia Wright / Amy Fetzer (1995); Amy Fetzer / Margaret Esther (1996); Michelle Thorne / Bronwyn Wolfe (1997, 1998); Diane Pershing / Johna Machak (1999, 2000); Valerie Millette / Jan Audiss (2001, 2002); Wendy Burge / Marianne Donley (2003); Marianne Donley / Jennifer Apodaca (2004); Jennifer Apodaca / Mindy Neff (2005).


  We are thrilled that many of our past-presidents will be coming to OCC’s October meeting as honored guests. We are also thrilled that the founder of our chapter, Rita Clay Estrada (the Rita for whom RWA’s RITA award is named) will be here as well.

Also on the agenda is our featured speaker, best-selling author and Edgar award winner, T. Jefferson Parker. In the afternoon we will be announcing our OCC Orange Rose contest winners then holding our huge, ever-popular Birthday raffle which is our traditional, yearly fundraiser that helps to keep our chapter afloat. As an added special gift, everyone at the meeting will receive a commemorative sterling silver rose charm (graciously designed and donated by past president, Gini Wilson) to put on your OCC membership pin.

Come celebrate our 25th anniversary with us! Enjoy a fabulous potluck lunch and network with like-minded writers, volunteers, and leaders–both past and present. Eat cake and raise a glass of sparkling cider to toast the past 25 years of our fabulous chapter and the next 25 to come.  We can’t wait to see you there.

Sandy and Mindy, OCC/RWA Co-Presidents

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