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Point of Contact

by Sandy Novy-Chvostal

Point of Contact. I ran across the phrase recently while reading a book about illustrators in which author Dorye Roettger says illustrations are “the point of contact between the reader and the author.” Because (like Pavlov’s dogs) I’ve been conditioned to respond to specific stimuli (such as the words readers and authors linked in close proximity), the phrase stuck in my head. And although (unlike Pavlov’s dogs) it didn’t make me drool or anything (thank goodness!) once stuck in there, I couldn’t get it out. Point of contact kept popping up in random places. As if the universe was trying to tell me something.

For example: “The point of contact was faulty,” the mechanic told me, as he totaled the bill for servicing my car.

I gave a start. “What?”

“You know,” he elaborated, “the connection between your battery and starter. When it’s loose, you get no spark, your car won’t run, and you go nowhere.” (Weird, huh?)

Or when I called for advice about my daughter’s new puppy (a darling Shitzu named Dude) that I puppy-sit daily (I know, but who can resist a cute Dude?). “Put your hand in the carrier to soothe him a bit,” the trainer advised. “He just needs a point of contact with you for awhile to comfort him.” (Coincidence? You decide.)

And finally there’s the email I received about a movie trailer at <> titled (you got it) “Point of Contact.”(Scary, isn’t it!? The trailer, I mean.) But that’s okay; it scared my thinking straight. I finally realized the universe was reminding me (to remind you) about how many ways OCC serves as a “point of contact.” That our longevity and large size (while not good for super models) are excellent characteristics for attracting others.

Like the Orange County Register, which contacted us recently. Or book buyers Sue Grimshaw of Borders, Inc. and Pam Nelson, of Levy Home Entertainment–judges in our Book Buyers Best contest (yes, finalists will be announced at the May meeting), who plan to visit our Suite at National Conference to meet our members. (Pam will also be at our May reception on Friday evening, May 11.)

We are also a point of contact for editors like Abby Zidle of Pocket, May’s afternoon speaker (she’ll also be at our reception!); as well as author to author at every meeting, and author to readers through our Orange Blossom and website.

And best of all, every member is a point of contact in ways we can’t even count. All unique, all doing their own thing, but with one point of contact in common in the vast universe of publishing: OCC/RWA.

Happy Writing,

Sandy Novy-Chvostal

Sandy Novy-Chvostal (aka Sandra Paul) has a degree in journalism, but prefers to write from the heart. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have three children, three cats, and one overgrown “puppy.” Romantic Times has labeled Sandra Paul’s work as “outrageously funny and surprisingly perceptive” while Rendezvous stated “Sandra Paul is imagination with wings.”

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  • Anonymous
    on May 3, 2007

    Sandy, this is a GREAT and FUNNY article! I love it!

    Kitty 🙂

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