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OCC/RWA Meeting Reminder Saturday, September 14, 2013. Doors open @ 9 a.m. and the meeting begins at 10 a.m.

Where we meet: The Brea Community Center at 695 E. Madison Way, Brea, CA 92821-5741
Ask an Author:
Laura Drake
Author First Chapter Critique:
Laura Drake
Morning Session: Melissa Cutler “Making Grammar Work for Your Voice”

Cultivating your writer voice is a lot like learning jazz – you have to know the basics of the art form before you can riff on it in a skillful way. To many emerging writers, forcing their creativity to fit into the proverbial round hole of conventional grammar is a daunting challenge indeed. The first half of this interactive workshop will cover such grammar basics as sentence construction and punctuation. In the second half, we’ll learn how to create the perfect artistic harmony between a writer’s unique voice and grammar’s hard and fast rules.
Afternoon Session: Catherine Bybee “From Rejection to the New York Times”

Catherine Bybee will share her journey of publication from small press, rejections to Indie publishing and beyond. She’s forging her own path in publishing, saying yes to deals that make sense and no to six-figure deals from major publishing houses who don’t share the same vision. There is not a better time to be a romance author!

We have new salad lunch options as well as the traditional favorite sandwich lunch boxes! All are only $12 and you don’t have to bring anything except your money, of course.
Online Class: Sept. 16 through October 13 , 2013:

“Talking Back to Your Brain”
Susan & Harry Squires

Did you ever wonder why one day you get stuck on a project while on another day your writing flows easily?  Doesn’t it seem like sometimes your brain is actually fighting you?  Well, maybe it is. 
Recent insights into the structure of the human brain and how the parts work together (or don’t) provide powerful techniques to free yourself and get writing again.  You actually have three brains in your skull, and these simple techniques can get them talking to each other.  Your brain will work for you, not against you.
This class will help you learn how to be more effective in your writing and use these techniques in the rest of your life.  Using your current work in progress, Susan and Harry Squires will show you how to solve problems (including writer’s block,), make your characters and plots deeper and more resonant, and create a book that keeps your reader turning pages.

For more information, or to register, visit
Addition chapter information can be found at
Hope to see you on the 14th!
Save the Date! October 12, 2013 – OCC/RWA Birthday Bash
Come join the Masquerade with guest speakers: Author, Victoria Dahl, and Heather Bennett from Decadent Publishing. Make your reservations now!

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