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Got Goals? Kick off the New Year with a special OCC/RWA workshop, and get started.

The mysterious, magical world of plotting and character arc merge in this intensive, hands-on seminar by award-winning writing instructor and best-selling author Louella Nelson.  In this workshop, new and seasoned writers come away with a dramatic plan for a current or future project—a completed, dovetailed plot and character arc that’s a blueprint for writing the book.
Learn how to —
  • craft the novel’s major storyline
  • develop subplots
  • determine key elements in world-building
  • select a story goal discover the character wound and incorrect thinking 

  • how to arc the character
  • how to dovetail internal and external storylines

Breathe life into your story as you learn to craft the tension-filled opening hook; the conflict-deepening scenes of inciting incident, pinches, and disaster; the high-stakes decisions that thrill readers; the darkness-into-light arcing of character in the crisis; the physical and emotional battles that force characters to dig deep for courage; and the critical pay-off scene that satisfies even the most well-read reader.   
You’ll learn how to find your character’s wound and identify the crazy thinking that keeps them from attaining their goals. When you’ve taken away everything of meaning and they have nowhere else to turn, you’ll know exactly how to complete the internal arc of change. 

As the workshop progresses, you’ll complete a form that dovetails all elements of the external and internal story—a plot-on-a-page you can follow to write the book.  The handouts are explicit and detailed.  Louella will guide you through them step-by-step.  All you have to worry about is jotting down the key elements of your story, and when you’re done with the class, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step: writing the book.

The seminar is offered as a fund-raiser for the Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

About Louella Nelson
Louella Nelson
Best-selling author Louella Nelson, M.A., is a professional editor and mentor, an award-winning university writing instructor, and is multi-published in romance fiction and honored non-fiction.  Many of Lou’s students are agented, published, and award-winners.  She has been president of the Orange County chapter of the Romance Writers of America,  coordinator of the national RWA conference, and a speaker at RWA national as well as chapter and regional conferences.  She is at work on The Great Writing Series for writers and is currently re-issuing her novels (Mail-Order Mate, Emerald Fortune, Days of Fire, and others). Lou’s latest short fiction appears in the OCC/RWA anthology Romancing the Pages. www.LouellaNelson.com
Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 — 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Brea Community Center “Art Studio,” Brea, CA
OCC Members: $35.00 Non Members: $45
(Lunch orders from Corner Bakery will be offered.)
Enroll at the OCC/RWA meeting or online at www.occrwa.org
Don’t miss this intense plotting experience!

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