Titanic “Romance Trivia” Questions by Jina Bacarr

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Think you know everything about the Titanic? The ship of dreams is a big story this year with the 100th anniversary. I bet you watched the mini-series, the documentaries and sneaked into the matinee of Titanic 3-D.
So I decided to test your Titanic knowledge with trivia questions, not the same old same old, but romance trivia questions. Have fun!

(answers at the bottom of the page)

Here we go:

1. You’ve just spent your honeymoon in Paris with your handsome husband and it’s time to return to America. He surprises you with first class tickets on the Titanic. From what French port do you sail?
A. Marseilles
B. Cherbourg
C. Calais
2. The Titanic has just arrived in Queenstown and you see several bumboats with venders hawking their wares. They come aboard ship with their Irish souvenirs. When John Jacob Astor buys his new bride a souvenir, your husband buys you one, too. What did Colonel Astor buy his bride?
A. a set of china
B. a Celtic brooch
C. a lace shawl
3. You’re thrilled to find fresh flowers in your cabin when you and your new hubby come on board the ship of dreams. You’re also excited to find out you’re one of several honeymoon couples sailing to New York. According to reliable sources, how many honeymoon couples were there on the Titanic?
A. 8
B. 11
C. 13
4. You hear heated whispers in the first class dining saloon when American millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim arrives with his latest mistress. Everyone’s curious, who is she? And where is she from?
A. Mlle. Aubart, a Parisian entertainer
B. Madame de Villiers, a Belgian cabaret singer 
C. Miss Annabelle Pearl, a British fashion designer
 5. You’re late for dinner in the first class dining saloon and lost in the maze of dead end corridors when you run into that handsome gentleman you met last night. He shows you the way to the dining room, then sneaks a kiss in the elevator. How many first class elevators are there on Titanic?
A. one
B. two
C. three
6. While you were waiting to board the ship at QueenstownIreland, you couldn’t resist flirting with the handsome lad who helped you carry your traveling bag. He whispered in your ear he’ll sneak into the single women’s 3rd class quarters to see you later. Where are the women’s steerage cabins on the ship?
A. fore
B. aft
C. amidships
7. You want to look alluring when you meet that handsome gentleman for dinner later in the first class dining saloon on D deck, so you pamper yourself in the Turkish baths. The bath stewardess insists you try out the latest beauty treatment:
A. an electric bath which tans your skin with ultraviolet lights
B. a face peel
C. an exercise machine where you walk in one place
8. Tonight you’re dining in the exclusive À La Carte Restaurant some first class passengers call the Ritz when you hear the ship’s musicians playing a lovely waltz. Later you hear them playing that same musical piece when you’re getting into a lifeboat. Some say it may have been the last song the musicians played as the Titanic foundered. What was the name of that waltz?
A. Autumn
B. Emperor
C. Vienna
9. It’s 10 p.m. on Sunday night, April 14th, and you can’t resist a stroll up on deck with your husband. It’s misty and getting colder. Even with his strong arms wrapped around you, you can’t stop shivering. How cold is it?
A. 45 degrees F
B. 29 degrees F
C. 32 degrees F
10. It’s 11:40 a.m. and you’re in bed with your husband enjoying a night of wedded bliss when the ship hits an iceberg. You want to cuddle up next to him in your warm bed, but he insists you get dressed and get into a lifeboat. How long do you have before the ship sinks?
A. 1 hour and 45 minutes
B. 2 hours and 40 minutes
C. 2 hours and 10 minutes 

1. (Answer: B Cherbourg)
2. (Answer: C a lace shawl)
3. (Answer: C 13)
4. (Answer: A Mlle Aubart)
5. (Answer: C three)
6.(Answer: B aft)
7. (Answer: A an electric bath)
8. (Answer: A Autumn)
9. (Answer: C 32 degrees F)
10. (Answer: B  2 hours and 40 minutes)

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