The Turtle Has Stuck Its Neck Out

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New Year’s resolutions!  They’re everywhere.  What is it about January 1st anyway?  What makes this traditional date any different than any other time of the year?  Is it written down somewhere that goals can only be set once every 365 days?  No, no, no.  We can set new goals any time at all and we should.  Don’t despair when you think of the goals not met—look at the positive—at least you tried.  If you list the same to-do each year and it always becomes a didn’t-do, why is that?  Regroup.  Try again.  They say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become a regular habit.  That’s not so long.  Give it a try.  Then give it a try again. I have wallpapered my bulletin board with colorful Post-its.  Pink for my personal goals.  Green for creative goals.  Yellow for fun stuff.  And, of course, orange for OCC/RWA.  (Funny, the orange ones are the most prominent right now.)
My primary goal for 2012 is time management and in order to give myself the best possible advantage, I’m enrolling in Kitty Bucholtz’ online class called Going the Distance: Goal Setting and Time Management for the Writer, which starts on January 16.  If you missed last year’s class with Kitty, here’s another chance.  Who knows?  You might learn one new idea or have a time-management brainstorm, or be surprised by a technique you never thought of and that will be all it takes to get that book finished this year.  Or a PRO pin?  An editor appointment at the RWA National Conference in July?  A first sale? A red rose?  (Or just the satisfaction of putting a simple “done” checkmark on your 2012 list.)
Last week I crawled out of my “comfort zone” and included my name in a list of members who made writing goals for 2012.  I came up with a short story idea, have my first draft ready and will be tinkering with a thousand words for the next two weeks before submitting to OCC’s first Anthology (deadline is January 15th)).  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have your name listed as a contributing author in OCC’s first e-publication?  I think so.
OCC/RWA has just completed another successful year–2011 was a potpourri of great speakers and programs, fascinating online classes, two very successful contests and our 30th Anniversary Birthday Bash.  That’s a lot to be proud of and we couldn’t have done it without the teamwork of the 2011 Board and Committee Chairs and I have no doubt that the new 2012 Board is up to the challenge.  OCC/RWA is changing.  Romance writing is changing.  Publishing is changing. OCC is going to be ready.
RWA National is introducing changes as well.  As a member you are invited to participate in upcoming training sessions/webinars which will introduce you to the benefits of your own personal myRWA page within National’s website.
However, my main goal for 2012 is to get out of my “comfort zone.”  I am open to new ideas and challenges and will do whatever it takes to keep OCC thriving for the next year and beyond.  So if you’re bound and determined to come out of your own “comfort zone” in 2012 and finally put a checkmark next to one (or more) of your top writing goals for 2012, come to a meeting every second Saturday and learn first-hand what being a part of OCC/RWA can do for you! 
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