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Angela Pryce was born and raised on a rock in the middle of the Pacific. She usually refers to it as “the gilded cage,” but most people call it Maui, Hawaii. After repeated attempts at escaping the island for good, Angela has found herself in Southern California. She is continually confused by the weather, since it’s always too hot or too cold. Angela has been a writer, a lawyer, and a biologist. She currently spends most of her time trying to ensure that 17 Thoroughbred horses don’t all freak out at the same time.
Angela is blissfully married and only wants more furbabies.

Her first full-length novel, The Devil’s Caress, was released in April 2019, by Boroughs Publishing Group.

Education: B.S. Biology, College of William & Mary; JD, Washburn University and King’s College, London.

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Instagram: @AngelaPryceMuse
Website:  Angelaprycethemuse


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