Series: Texas Sweethearts, Book 4
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Tags: 2018, Contemporary
ISBN: 9781948319072

Her Knight In Shining Armor Came Armed With A Colt .45

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About the Book
Texas Sweethearts | Mindy Neff | A Slice of Orange

Hope Valley, Texas, home of the Texas Sweethearts – where gossip’s hotter than three- alarm chili and even the good guys wear black.


As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty.  In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown. 

Her Knight In Shining Armor Came Armed With A Colt .45
Becca Sue Ellsworth is the youngest of the Texas Sweethearts and her biological clock is ticking loudly—especially since her three best friends are now married with children. Her own chances of happily-ever-after are looking pretty bleak, but things get even darker when someone breaks into her antiques bookstore. That serious brush with danger sparks an old flame when Attorney Colby Flynn comes to Becca’s rescue. He’s the man who broke her heart seven years ago but left her with the unconditional promise to help make her most important dream come true.  Now, Becca Sue wonders if his promise is one she can still claim.

They’d made a baby pact…
She’s a woman who wants marriage and babies; he’s a man who fears being tied down. But when Becca is hurt, Colby is determined to move in and take care of her. Playing house together makes him wonder why they’d ever parted in the first place—she’s totally adorable except for the fact that she creates chaos wherever she goes and he thrives on order!

But he doesn’t plan to stay…
Having the sexy lawyer around the house while she recuperates is hard on Becca’s self-control, especially since he’ll be leaving for a big-city career opportunity in three weeks. Becca has always wanted his baby but now she wants this man even more. Can she convince Colby to turn their baby pact in to a binding contract?

“A great second-chance-at-love story. This small-town romance is a fine way to pass the afternoon!”
—Romantic Times Review

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