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Series: The Witches of New Moon Beach, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal
Tags: 2016, Paranormal, The Witches of New Moon Beach
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781535458429

Olivia Merriman’s witchy wiring has all gone haywire and if she doesn’t get it under control soon she’s going to lose her boyfriend, her magic and a whole lot more!

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About the Book

To everyone else Olivia Merriman’s life in New Moon Beach is nearly perfect. Her beloved beach city is filled with friends and family, she owns a successful – slightly haunted- sewing and crafting shop and her old flame, Jonathan, is on his way back into her life. But Olivia, a young witch just getting a handle on her spell binding skills knows something just isn’t right. Not only are her spells all going wrong, she has a new, undesired and uncontrollable habit of taking off flying at night. No one in her family of witches has ever done this and she’s starting to really worry that she might be one damaged witch. When Olivia is plopped at sunrise in the middle of the hills of New Moon Beach, she fears the worst. Does somebody have it out for her? A wizard or a jealous witch? Maybe it’s one of her mischievous newfound relatives. Or could it be that Olivia’s own witchy-wiring has gone all haywire? Hiding this from her mortal boyfriend has suddenly become a lot more difficult than she ever expected. Whatever is going on if she doesn’t get it under control and soon she’s going to lose her sanity and a whole lot more! And to make matters worse – New Moon Beach is in for some rocking times as Olivia learns that she is slated to be the next leader of her coven; ready or not.

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