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Series: Kingdoms & Legends, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Tags: 2017, Fantasy, Romance
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B07635W1SR
ISBN: 9780989110143

A warrior maid & a hot dragonshifter set out to save the kingdom; together they can prevail, but at what cost?

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About the Book

Seek help of the Lord of Drakkenberg. Only he can aid you. You must fly with the dragon.

Tova Svensdottir, an earth mage, is on a mission to save her homeland, the Kingdom of Velosia,from the evil wizard Bruno of Grimmdorn. Her grandmother tells her to seek help of the Lord of Drakkenberg, but the old lord is dead. In his castle, high on a mountaintop, she isntead encounters his son, the Outlaw Kane. Tova rejuvenates through sex magic, but dare she trust an outlaw?

Kane fled Velosia after a futile attempt to rescue his mate and his father from Bruno’s cruel prison, killing the head guard in the process. After learning Bruno has been banished, Kane returns to clear his name, but his purpose changes when he meets Tova. Her need stirs his passions, and her courage touches his heart, but he dreads telling her of his true nature, certain she will recoil. But Tova is made of sterner stuff.

Together, Kane and Tova have the power to save Velosia. If they survive the coming battle. But can an earth mage find happiness with a dragonshifter? In a land where sex and magic are intertwined, anything is possible.

(Disclaimer: This is a 21,000 word steamy romantic novella, not a full-length novel. Contains a kick ass heroine, a hot dragon shifter and sex magic.)

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