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By Charlene Sands

Once upon a time in a decade long, long ago, there was this great looking boy with long dark blonde hair and incredible blue eyes whose locker was two away and one up from mine. He was older than me and didn’t know I existed – I was in junior high school then and I would watch him as he passed me in the hallways, not in a stalking sort of way, but just because he always seemed to catch my eye.

And on those wonderful occasions when we’d show up at our lockers at the same time, I’d hold my breath and stand there, trying not to appear obvious, trying to seem busy, just to spend a few minutes in his presence. He was so cute and had an understated way about him.

It became a ritual each semester to keep him in my sights and hope to meet up with him between classes at our lockers. I remember thinking that “if only” I could get the chance to meet him. If only, somehow he would ask me out on a date. If only, I could be his, then I’d be happy for the rest of my life. At the tender age of fourteen, that’s what made my world tick. Boys … and this one in particular.

Sadly, the boy with the blue eyes and dark blonde hair graduated from junior high school and I don’t even remember who got his locker. Whether it was a male or female it didn’t matter, because my “locker fantasy” boy was gone.

It wasn’t quite as much fun going to my locker anymore.

There wouldn’t be anyone quite like him to see, or fantasize about. But life went on.

Yet, I never forgot my locker fantasy.

I’m a true believer in destiny. I always have been, even at a very early age. And so when the blue-eyed boy with the dark blonde hair approached me one day in high school and asked me out on a date, I wasn’t completely startled or stunned. I was immensely pleased AND somehow it all felt so right … like it was meant to be.

He took me to a Halloween party. It was our first date and we had a wonderful time together. And later, when he dropped me at home, we shared our first kiss.
And we’ve been kissing ever since and celebrating the anniversary of that first date on October 24th, for the past thirty-five years.

They say be careful what you wish for.

I say, be specific.

You never know when your fantasy might come true.

I know mine did.

I married my “locker fantasy” but he’s more than a husband to me … he’s my destiny.

Charlene Sands
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