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TINA RALPH: Bah Humbug, It’s the Holidays

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Every year I wonder at the logic of the holidays. We want to get together with family and friends. We want to spend lots of money on presents. And we want to decorate every corner of our house. Then we wonder why we’re stressed.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the holidays and enjoy spending time with friends, but why do I have to do all the other stuff? Can’t I just get together with friends because I haven’t seen them in a while? Can’t I leave the holiday stuff in the storage boxes and just clean the house? Since this is a task I really don’t enjoy in the first place, yeah, it’s a real achievement in itself. Why must I do all this stuff every year?

Guess what? I don’t.

My kids are old enough to put up the tree by themselves. As it turns out, when they have to do the work themselves, they suddenly don’t need a tree! The poinsettia I bought last week is enough!

The gifts have gotten easier too. Nowadays, I visit the grocery store and buy gift cards for everyone. Let them buy their own presents after the holidays when everything’s on sale. We both come out better in the long run.

Now, that you know that I’m a total washout in the holiday department, let me just say. Remember that the holidays are all about friends and family. Forget the stress. Forget the worry. Enjoy the holidays for what they can be — a time to reflect on how lucky we are to have the special people in our lives that make every day worth living.

Happy Holidays.

Tina Gayle Ralph
OCC/RWA Membership Director

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