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by Jenny Hansen

Keeping Your Hands on the Keyboard

Are you ever typing so quickly that you are afraid to let your hands leave the keyboard? Do you have times when new ideas are coming and you don’t want to stop to pick up your mouse to format?

You have choices. We talked about creating templates in last month’s column. This month I want to share with you the keyboard shortcuts that are available to you in Microsoft Word…some of them even work all over Microsoft Office.

Hit the CTRL key at the same time that you hit the letters on the keyboard to do these shortcuts (ex: Ctrl + A).

* The letters with this symbol next to it work throughout Microsoft Office.

Other Word Shortcuts.

I hope you’ll share with me whether these tricks help save you time. If there are terms like “hanging indent” that don’t make any sense to you, just use the F1 function key to look it up in Word and get an example (think party invitations where the “Where” is on the left side and there all the information about “where” is lined up about an inch to the right).
I’m just back from my honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest and am so sorry to have missed the deadline…you’ll have these when you return from the National Conference! Until next time…
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