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Have You Read This One?

TOWN AND COUNTRY BY MARK GIROUARD is another of the books donated for OCC’s September meeting’s Research Book Sale–and it’s another book, that it’s going to be hard for me to let go.

I enjoyed several of the chapters in this book, especially Chapter Three, which talked about John Chubb, who “with a sharp eyes, a genial wit and a skilled brush set out to put on to paper, the people of Bridgwater and its neighborhood in the last decades of the eighteenth century.”

Reading about Chubb and his observations was fascinating but what really made me smile are Chubb’s sketches, several of which are shown in this chapter including one of the biggest and liveliest of Chubb’s drawings which, according to Girouard, shows Lord Perceval, eldest son of Lord Egmont, “dressed in the height of fashion and seated at the reins of his phaeton, with a lapdog on his lap and a favour in his hat.” (And doesn’t the dog look like Mindy Neff’s little Harley? 😉

This is a great book. All I can say is if it makes it out of my house to the Research Book Fair, then it will be a testament to my strength of character.


Sandy Novy-Chvostal (aka Sandra Paul) is a recovering bookaholic, a published author, and 2007 Co-President of OCC/RWA.

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