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Books you should never read on an airplane

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Monica Stoner, Member at large

If there is a book in the house I’m anxious to read, nothing else gets done. Which might have a lot to do with why I’m perpetually late on completing projects. Having to fly at least four times a year means I can have up to twelve guilt free hours of solid reading. Often I save this time for authors new to me, so they can have my undivided attention.

On my most recent trip, I packed a book recommended by a dear friend, who knows I love good writing. Once I finished a book I’d started the day before, I reached for this new book and was immediately pulled into the life of a woman who had recreated herself several times over. Great writing, wonderful characters; I was mentally reviewing the call I would make to my friend once I landed.

As the story unfolded, I learned this woman had overcome raising a child as a single mother after she was left at the altar. Then her teenage son left to get to know her father better, right about the time she was diagnosed with cancer. Music started to waft through my head, I believe it was the theme to “Brian’s Song.” She met the man of her dreams, someone who had dealt with adversity of his own and had finally moved on, ready to step into a new and wonderful relationship with the heroine.

Suddenly, I recalled the major difference between Women’s Fiction and Romance? Romance requires happily ever after endings. You guessed it, this book was not Romance. By then I was totally hooked, mesmerized by these characters and unwilling to close the book. None of this would be a problem in my own home. Unfortunately I was 35,000 feet above the ground, with people on all sides.

Ever tried to sob quietly? Try it some time with no tissues, only one scrawny, hard surfaced cocktail napkin. Fortunately my closest seat mate was sound asleep, and the cabin personnel were not overly attentive. That napkin got a lot of abuse, let me tell you. And I was very glad I’d decided to let my hair grow out instead of getting another trendy short style, so I had something to hide behind.

Would I read this author again? Absolutely. But not, I don’t think, while in the air!

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