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As the school year was wrapping up, I started to focus on the area of my life that I had neglected during the turbulence of homework, tutoring, weekly meetings with my son’s teacher and the chaos of my changing day job responsibilities.

Deciding to renew my commitment to my goal of writing everyday but knowing that I was completely out of shape mentally, I turned to favorite motivational tool: online writing classes. Looking at the various classes offered, I found an intensive, one-on-one, online class.


Being a student at heart and knowing that I feel impelled to complete any and all homework assignment, even if it kills me, I knew the class would jump start my dead writing battery.

During the two week class, I could feel the rust flaking off my mental gears. Although I began to droop from physical exhaustion from my return to my late night writing schedule, I grew so excited to my long neglected story take shape.

At the end of the two week course, I had made more progress on my project than I had in the previous six months.

Tonight I decided to take another intense, two week online class. By the end of that class, assuming I am still functioning, I know I will be firmly upon my writing path.

Happy writing!!
Lori Pyne

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