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A Fantasy Life

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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

Oisten lives in the kingdom of Augeas where half the population are magical beings.

Magic is one of my favorite things to write about. When I started writing my witch book, I had two friends tell me I should look up the Wicken religion. My thought, was why? I didn’t want to write a story about the religion of witches, I wanted to write about magical beings.

My witch book is a light fantasy. My witch is a Bewitched type of witch. Haven’t you ever thought how nice it would be to blink your eyes or snap your fingers and have the house cleaned or your manuscript finished. It has crossed my mind, especially the house cleaning part. It beats nagging the kids.

Like anything in fantasy, magic has to have rules. The television series, Charmed, had rules that the sister’s had to follow. The major one was they couldn’t do magic for personal gain. So what good would magic be if you couldn’t use it to spoil yourself.

Deciding what your magical being can do is important. My witch, BreeAnna, has the power to move from spot to spot and change the size of objects. She also has the power to conjure up what she wants or needs. She is the fun type of magical creature with very strong powers.

The Ancient Ones of Augeas have different types of powers. Each one may have one or two magical abilities. Some can make themselves invisible. Others can move through space. Still others can read minds or cloud minds. None of them have the power to conjure.

The next fantasy I am going to write will have magical beings, but what powers they will have I haven’t decided. I know their technology will be run by magic rather than electricity or batteries. I am sure I will have several conversations about the possibilities with my youngest son, who is my expert when it comes to magic abilities.

Now all I need is the ability to zap up the manuscript.

Art work by Jasmine Tanner – http://veildandy.deviantart.com

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