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Why Cell Phones are Better then Land Lines

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I have a new cell phone. Some refer to it as a crackberry and they’d be right. It fulfills my obsessive compulsive need to have all my phone numberss, calendar, voice notes, INTERNET access, etc. in one place. Seriously.

You want to hear the craziest thing about being a writer? I never have a pen. Ever. My purse is an abyss of things to write on and write with, they get sucked into a black hole I swear. So the new blackberry? It has voice notes. I can record a note to myself at any time and hear it later, and it allows to me ramble without fearing that my handwriting is becoming illegible because I’m on the freeway.

That being said I’m now torn. Do I keep my landline?

Why I love my cell phone:

  1. The Amazing Ringtone
  2. Free call waiting
  3. Free call ID (best invention EVER)
  4. Almost my friends are on my network (WOOT!)
  5. The ability to continue my phone calls in the car, on the beach, while standing in line at the grocery store. (awesome!)


  1. The only way I can get DSL

You see my problem *sigh*

How about you? Do you use your land line more or your cell phone?

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