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A Fantasy Life

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By Janet Quinn Cornelow

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope all of you are enjoying the day with family and/or friends. This year my household is up to seven. My sister, my daughter-in-law and my youngest son’s girlfriend will be joining my sons and I. I get to cook the turkey. The two youngest cook most of the rest. I have been having holidays at my house forever and do not see someone else taking over, ever.

The picture is from my Augeas short story series. This one is titled “Berry Cake” and is part of Whiskey Shots Vol. 19 from Whiskey Creek Press. I have a new artist, so the pictures are a little different. In this picture, Lord Culain is asking the mouse for berry cake. As with all artists, she took some liberties because there wasn’t a mouse in the story, but Lord Culain did ask often for berry cake.

There has been no fantasy in my life lately. I suffered burnout judging the EPPIEs. It all seemed too much to do in such a short time with everything else in life. I laid on the couch weekend after weekend until I didn’t think I could read another word. In fact, I have hardly read anything since I finished the seven books. Reading for a contest is just not the same as reading for fun. The fact that you can’t stop because you aren’t going to get done in time, seems to make it into an ordeal. Especially when you have to read books you would never pick to read yourself. I did discover one new author that I will find her other books. As Linda Mac said, “Thank goodness for cable TV.” Now I find myself laying on the couch watching TV. It takes so little effort.

After Thanksgiving is over, I will have to force myself back into the chair and into the writing. Poor Sam is still in bed with Jubilee, though I haven’t heard any complaints from them.

Art work by Loki – http://loki-rei.deviantart.com

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