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It’s Worth It

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by Kitty Bucholtz

I was talking to a writing friend yesterday who said she is tired of trying to write around what she hears the market wants, the agents want, the editors want. In these economic times, everyone would have us believe our efforts will be even harder to sell than ever before. But she’s done with worrying about it.

Why? Because she believes God’s plan for her life can’t be circumvented by an economic shift, or a change in publishing house staff, or a tightening of an agent’s client list. So what does she believe in? Following her heart, and pouring all her joy and honesty and passion into whatever story most grips her imagination, and believing that God’s power to work his plan in her life – whatever that is, publishing or not – is stronger than any other power on earth.

This conversation stayed with me because I’d been thinking along the same lines. This morning I was talking to God about the fact that I’m 40, for goodness’ sake, and how long was this going to take anyway? Then I remembered that the Israelites wandered around in the desert for 40 years asking the same question – how long? – until a young man named Joshua went scouting in the Promised Land. He and his co-spy came back to tell Moses and the rest of the millions of Israelites that even with all the enemies they’d have to defeat, it would be worth the trip.

Eventually Joshua did lead them over the river (even though people taunted him and accused him of leading them all to their deaths!) and it was worth the trip. But it wasn’t easy. I re-read some of the story of Joshua this morning and realized that nowhere in the Bible that I can remember did God say, “Be strong and courageous” and “do not be terrified” as much as he did when he sent his children into the Promised Land. The Promised Land, for goodness’ sake. And all those people were so afraid.

Just like us.

If there is a God who can miraculously place himself into a little baby human being, then allow himself to die with all the punishment of all the people who ever will live on his back, then raise himself from the dead and defeat death for all people for all time… Well, if there is a God who has that kind of power, then it’s irrational for me to believe that he can’t use my life for good in this world. He must have the power to make whatever good plans he has for my life to come to fruition. Regardless of whether the circumstances seem to suggest otherwise.

I’m doing my best to write stories for the sake of bringing more goodness into the world. I believe that is God’s plan for my work life, and I believe he will make that plan work out perfectly by the time I die, regardless of how much gets published. It’s hard because I see the battles ahead and I don’t know how to fight them, let alone how to be victorious. But if God really does have a plan for me, then…

it’s worth it.

Kitty Bucholtz is a co-founder of Routines For Writers, a new web site to help writers write more. She writes light urban fantasy novels with a romantic comedy spin – and loves every minute of it! Even though she loves talking about, writing about, and teaching about writing, she’s pretty sure she knows at least three people who aren’t writers.

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