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Welcome 2009!

January 6, 2009 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston

It’s a new year! Where did the old one go? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do last January? I didn’t, and yet I did accomplish a lot.

One of my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mysteries was published in June 2008: DOUBLE DOG DARE. I also wrote the next one, NEVER SAY STY, which will be an April 2009 release, and I’ve been working on the next–the eighth in the series.

I also worked on several Silhouette Nocturnes. The first, ALPHA WOLF, is out right now, a January 2009 release. Plus, I also have a Nocturne Bites available starting this month: CLAWS OF THE LYNX. They both feature members of Alpha Force, a super-secret military unit composed mostly of shapeshifters. In addition, BACK TO LIFE, another Nocturne, will be a June 2009 release. Its heroine has Valkyrie powers and can bring the dying back to life… including the hero.

I additionally held a part-time “temporary” law job in 2008, but it finally ended after two years. I enjoy practicing law, so despite all my looming writing deadlines I’m looking for more law work.

The year 2008 also held other memories for me, both good and bad. We had a death in the family late in the year. But on a much, much happier note, my older son married a really sweet and beautiful young lady. And we also acquired Mystie, another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so Lexie could form a mini-pack once more.

So what else do I anticipate in 2009 besides–delightfully–having a bunch of books coming out? Who knows? I just hope it’s happy and healthy for everyone in my family… and also for you and yours.

Linda O. Johnston is the author of 14 romance novels as well as the Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime–and has 3 Silhouette Nocturnes and a Nocturne Bites upcoming!


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