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January 14, 2009 by in category Archives

By Janie Emaus

Since this is the first PRO blog of the year, I’m thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But while most people write about making resolutions, I’m going to write about breaking them. Why exactly does that happens? Because most often they are unrealistic.

Take last year for example. I made a resolution to write at least ten pages a day. That would amount to 3,650 pages for the year or about ten books! Of course, that was impossible. Some days I did write more, some days I wrote way less. This year in order not to get frustrated I was going to drop it down to a word a day. Well, I’ll have completed my goal by the end of this blog. That’s just plain ridiculous. So, I’m going to settle for about a chapter a week. Forget the page count.

Last year I made a resolution to stay sharp-minded every time I sat down to write. Some days it just wasn’t happening. My mind was a muddled mess. My heroine had straight blonde hair on page ten, auburn curls on page twenty and then brown waves on page twenty-five. And I don’t remember her going to the hair salon. My hero wanted to confess his love on the third page of the novel. Forget conflict and plot. Forget that book! The only thing sharp was the number two pencil I used to mark off all those mistakes.

My last resolution was to have a book published by my birthday. Well, my birthday came and went. At first I was depressed. Then I realized there are some things I cannot control (such as the state of the publishing business) and others that I can. I can control how I live my life so that I do keep having birthdays. And I alone have the power whether to write or not. And to write the best books that I can.

So, no matter how old I am – that’s my plan. Keep on writing. Whether I write five words a day or two thousand. Whether my mind is dull or sharp. I’m going to keep on doing what I love most. I’m going to keep my butt in this chair and write!

How about you?

Janie Emaus writes both adult and teen fiction. Her agent is currently submitting several of her novels. She currently writes a weekly column, THE BLOGGING BABY BOOMER at www.fabulously40.com

P.S. Since writing this blog, I broke my finger and I’m still writing!

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