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By Lori Pyne

When in need of some inspiration, a different perspective, an attitude adjustment, I seek out one of my role models. Marty is 85 year old and has been my favorite lunch date for over 10 year. During that time, I have rarely heard him mention an ailment, unless it is a humorous tale or a workaround to a problem caused by an ailment. After catching up on our family news, I listen to his latest projects: a theater production celebrating the First Amendment, the latest artist that foundation he oversees is sponsoring or maybe the status of an exhibit he is coordinating for a friend.

I have only made the mistake once of expressing my concerns about a man of his years embarking on an undertaking which would take at least half of a decade to complete. He glared at me from across the table. Did I think he should just give up and die? Flustered, I mumbled an apology, saying that I just worried about him overextending himself. He explained that one of the reason he enjoys working with the young artists is that they look eagerly towards the future. Many of his contemporaries only exist in the memories of their past or resentfully in the discomfort of their present. Few look forward with any anticipation. As long as he has breath in his lungs and the energy to rise each day, he will work towards his interests. He has lots of projects he wants to tackle and was thankful for each dawn he was given.

After each lunch, I return with a renewed commitment to my hopes, dreams and passions.

Who or what is your inspiration?

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