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“Romance in the Backseat” Video Project with Terry Kate: Part 2

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Romance in the Backseat

by Jina Bacarr

Attention: published authors in the OC/LA area: Have you contacted Terry Kate about your chance to film an author interview in the backseat of a car?

You haven’t, why not?

Don’t be skittish–a friend or your better half can drive while Terry films. C’mon, go for it!! Terry is looking for pubbed authors who are willing to read an excerpt and talk about their books (she’s going for a PG-13 rating). Nothing HBO-ish here, just fun, romantic videos for your fans to enjoy.

On deadline? No excuse. I’m finishing “The Blonde Samurai” with one hand and writing this with the other, but Terry is scheduling my video when I’m deadline-free. She’s great to work with and has a real passion for what she does.

Terry has already filmed OCC authors Jackie Diamond Hyman and Linda Wisdom.

Why not you next?

According to her website, Terry says: “The video of the full interview will be on a website dedicated to the project, shorter teaser pieces (45 sec to 1 min) will be an opportunity to grab attention. Make it personal, fun, funny, and most importantly personal. I want this to be a forum where authors are allowed to express themselves more freely then a formal interview and have fun with the project. What often draws me to buying a new author is the excerpt at the back of a book. An option for the longer interview piece is to introduce the story, then read a few pages. Fans go to hear authors read all the time and new readers/viewers will be drawn in.”

Her site launches soon, don’t delay! You can get more info about her project here.

I’m looking forward to filming my video, so don’t miss out.

Email Terry today at: Terrykate@Romanceinthebackseat.com

And now back to our regularly scheduled deadline…


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Jina Bacarr is the author of The Blonde Geisha , Naughty Paris, Tokyo Rendezvous, a Spice Brief, and Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs, featuring an Indiana Jones in high heels.

Coming in April 2009:

Cleopatra’s Perfume

“One whiff and every man was her slave.”

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