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Notes from Val’s Desk

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It’s been a busy 30 days and the month of May isn’t promising any free time either..…work, family, OCC stuff, craft projects, reading list, blog posts, etc., etc., etc. The shiny magnetic board hanging in front of my desk doesn’t have an available clean space on it. I’ve created so many layers that some of my favorite colorful, eye-catching magnets won’t grip anymore. I definitely feel overwhelmed.

So, in a determined effort to “get a grip” on my time, today’s post will be brief. I removed my favorite kitty-face magnet (the first layer) and six or seven scraps of paper floated down, landing in a random pattern on my already cluttered desktop. The first message, boldly printed on a scrap of neon-orange scratch paper, reads: Print signs for OCC meeting. Here’s another, quickly scrawled on a snippet of pattern tissue: Finish hem on sundress. Number three: Work on event page for June.

Oh, here’s a good one, actually written with a gold gel pen on a glossy scrap of magazine paper: Work on writer’s block! Okay, I have to be honest. This is not the typical “writer’s block” you may be familiar with. This is an on-going craft project using a 4” x 4” cube of unfinished wood.

I think I’ll tackle this one first. But first, I have to get all these notes off my desk…..I need room.

(Maybe I’ll post a picture next month.)

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