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The lure of travel…and body painting

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There’s a photo essay in today’s New York Times (in the online version, at least), called Why We Travel. Lots of great photos, with travelers explaining how they came to be on that particular trip. Reasons vary from the mundane to the cool to the downright weird.

I love to travel, and next week I’m off to Washington, D.C. for the Romance Writers of America conference. Yes, it’s work…but D.C. is a fabulous city and I haven’t been there for about 20 years, so I can’t wait to revisit the monuments, the Smithsonian, those streets full of opulent homes and stores…and some new (to me) attractions like the Spy Museum. I’m also spending a couple of days in Annapolis, where I’ve never been before and by all accounts it’s beautiful. Bring it on!

I think most of us have a list of must-see places in our head that we hope to get to one day. Croatia is high on my list. Back to Italy, definitely. New Mexico. Skiing in the Rockies. This list could run and run…

Tell me somewhere special that’s on your list, I’d love to know and maybe even to expand my own list…

And while we’re on the subject of travel, here’s a link that popped up on the NYT front page – http://www.nothingtohide.co.nz/ – You know those safety demonstrations that flight attendants run through before takeoff? Well, this is Air New Zealand’s safety demo, and the crew are wearing body paint and not much else. I can tell you, you’ll never watch a safety demo with as much concentration as you’ll give this one 🙂

Happy Travels

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