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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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It is a new year and January is speeding by. I have not done as much writing as I had planned on. I started a new job and I am getting adjusted to that, but it is still taking more hours than it will once I get adjusted. At least I get to work from my couch or my desk. The problem with working from the desk is that Chewbaca, my dog, thinks I should play ball with him.

I started my alternative universe book the first week of January, got to page eight and got Pax into the new universe. Then I went back to work on it and somehow I had deleted it. I guess it got mixed up with the essays I was grading. I could not find it anywhere. It bummed me out.

I managed to get back to page two, but that is as far as I have gotten. Pax is back in the alley in New York City chasing the wizard. Not that he knows the man is a wizard. He just knows he’s a serial killer. This really is a romance.

If I can get Pax back to the alternate universe, I might start making progress. Next week. I don’t have so many essays to grade, so I hope to get writing done.

I am missing my old job a little less, but that has also been keeping me from writing. Changing jobs is so stressful.

Everyone have a productive and happy month.

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