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Indies, Superheroes & Novellas, Oh My!

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This month brings an interesting mix of calls. First up, is a collection of “indie” authors that are looking to compile some special themed anthologies. The erotic romance publisher Ravenous Romance put out a call for superhero stories, and Entangled Publishing delves into the novella market. As always, this selection represents only a sample of what’s out there. If you come across any that should be shared, please send them to me!

All-For Indies Anthologies
We have planned six anthologies with different themes that are spread throughout the year. A couple of examples might be: Martini Madness/chick-lit and humorous fiction genres, Summer Fling/Romance genre, etc. Each anthology will include a mix of genres and sub-genres centered around a main theme.
Each author is responsible for writing/editing their own work. WE ARE NOT A PUBLISHER! We are not going to read your story for approval. If you are picked, we trust you are a professional.
The first anthology is going to be coming out in January 2012. Winter Wonderland is the theme (not the name), and is going to feature every genre. The deadline is Dec. 10, 2011. The second anthology is coming out in February 2012 in time for Valentine’s Day and will carry that theme. The deadline for manuscripts is Jan. 10, 2012.
Under the Cape
What’s up in the sky, is not a bird or a plane, it is your hero or heroine. Under the Cape – is a super-hero / super-heroine anthology for Ravenous Romance. We are looking for original erotic romances about heroes of your own creation. They should not be modeled after or based on current comic book entities. Fan fiction need not apply.
Think about strong, passionate characters and world building. Who is to say what excitement lingers after the city is saved and villain routed? Do the heroes fly home at super-sonic speeds to their lovers or does the “victor” strike a new costume to wear? What if the hero of the story has had a tryst or more with their foe? And don’t forget about the possibilities of a sidekick.
This anthology is for the non-everyday heroes. We’re looking for the kind of heroes who fly, shoot bolts of energy or phase through walls…among other abilities. Of course, that’s not to say your hero or heroine can’t have a hidden identity. A war hero crusading at night to stop an other-worldly nemesis? Maybe a firefighter who controls the flames when no one else is looking? Make the abilities so super, they can only be contained by a skin tight costume and cape flying in the breeze. And make your hero or heroine so sexy they can’t be contained at all.
All stories should be original and unpublished stories. Aside from strong characters, don’t forget to give us a good story and world building. Make your heroes and villains believable and sexy. Ideally we’d like to see stories in the 5K range, but no less than 3K – please query for longer works. We’re looking for 10-12 stories to fill this anthology.
Reading period is open and will go until 12/31/11 or filled. Please do not query for status until after the reading period has ended. Payment is $25 flat fee upon publication. No additional payment will be offered. For more information, visit http://ravenousromance.blogspot.com
Contemporary Novellas
Entangled is looking to expand our novella line, and with release dates as early as mid-December 2011 available, we’re actively acquiring. If you write contemporary romance that falls between 20k to 40k words, we would love to hear from you!
  • Manuscript should fall between 20k and 40k words in length
  • Story must contain strong romantic elements, ending with either a HEA or a satisfying HFN.
  • Entangled is not an erotic romance publisher, however we’ll consider any heat level so long as the erotic elements are not the main focus of the story.
  • To submit a manuscript for consideration, paste the following into an email:
  • one-page query letter containing your genre, title, wordcount, a brief blurb about the book, and any pertinent writing credentials
  • The first five (5) double-spaced pages
  • Where we can find you on the web (links will do) 

Send your email to submissions(at)entangledpublishing(dot)com. Standard Entangled Publishing royalty rates apply. For more information, visit http://www.entangledinromance.com/2011/10/11/call-for-submissions-contemporary-novellas/
— compiled by Louisa Bacio
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