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Goal Setting for 2012

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Thanksgiving is over, and the official holiday shopping season has begun. I was driving in my car just the other day and heard a famous Christmas song that made me pause, where the singer crooned about the year being over, and then he asked. “What have you done?”

What have I done? The question lingered in my mind. What had I done? Not what I intended, that’s for sure. I had set goals and hadn’t attained some of them.

Hearing author Susan Mallery speak at the recent OCC birthday bash really inspired me. She talked about goals and how she made business decisions based on how well they would help her attain her goals. Her ability to set a goal and stick to it impressed me, as did her willingness to occasionally refuse select prospects because they did not line up with her goals.

Many people get caught up in the moment and are afraid to let an opportunity pass. Sometimes it’s about money, sometimes about getting or staying published, sometimes about building a name or personal validation. Accomplishing goals means sticking to your guns and keeping your eye on the prize. As writers, we tend to get easily distracted, and we often need to work on the discipline needed to set and keep our goals.

Here are two tips for making and keeping goals that hopefully we can all apply to the upcoming year:

1. Make the goal ATTAINABLE. Sometimes we have goals that may set us up for failure because we have no control over them. Keep your goals to things over which you have most of the control. Setting the goal to get an agent by the end of the year might not be considered an attainable goal because you have no way of guaranteeing that an agent will sign you in that time frame. However, an attainable goal might be to query X number of agents in a year. You have total control over that because you are the one sending the queries. And achieving that goal might indeed result in you getting signed by an agent within a year.

2. Have SHORT TERM and LONG TERM goals. Your short term goals can give you that feeling of immediate gratification while you work towards the long term goal. Example of a short term goal: Finish the book by the end of the year. Long term goal: Have written three completed manuscripts in three years.

Here’s hoping we all reach our goals in 2012!

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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did with all of my sons, their spouses, my sister, and my granddaughter. My babies, the kitten and the dog, were worn out by the end of the day with all of the company.

The Enchanted Hawk is now up at Kindle. It is a fantasy romance.

Brylyn, of the Hawk Clan, is drawn into the intrigue surrounding Thom McGarrety, when his brother is to wed Anna from another domain. Brylyn faces the danger of the feonds, the humans who rule the area where her people used to live. They would see her and her people dead because they are shape-shifters.

When Anna’s family wants the McGarrety castle, Brylyn must trust her secret to Thom. Thom, believing that the shape-shifters are nothing but myth, must learn to believe in Brylyn and trust her to help save his life and his domain. Together, can they save the castle, unite their people and find lasting love?

Rob, my youngest, came over yesterday and helped me put up the Christmas tree. Count Rugen, the kitten, loves it. He has already knocked off a branch – it is a fake tree – , brought me an ornament, and pulled the bottom piece of garland across the room. It is going to be a year of repairing the Christmas tree.

I am not putting up as many decorations this year because of Count Rugen. The village is staying in its boxes. Many of the other decorations will also stay in their boxes. We are going heavy on wall hangings this year. Some of them have not been up in awhile. I figure Rugen can’t knock things off the wall as easily, though he will try.

I took Rob and his wife to the Bower’s Museum to see the Chinese Sand Warriors. It was well worth seeing if you want something to do over the holidays.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

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