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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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Happy Holidays to everyone.

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and have recovered. It was a very busy day in my house since everyone comes to my house. My sons and their wives were here. My middle son’s mother-in-law and my sister were here. My two youngest sons helped cook dinner which is always good. Chewbaca, my dog, got his new squeaky ball first. He had it unwrapped quickly and then demanded that everyone play ball with him. He wore himself out.

Count Rugen, my cat, nearly had a nervous breakdown with so many people in the house. He’s not good with people. He hid behind the Christmas tree, under the dining room table where he tried to steal the silverware and finally collapsed on the bed.

It was Isabella’s first Christmas. She is my granddaughter. She mostly watched, but liked one of the balls and a rattle I bought her. We had to keep the ball away from Chewbaca. It was hard plastic and I didn’t want to be picking pieces out of his mouth.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I am still haven’t decided if I like it. It seems very difficult to work. It took me an hour to register it and an hour to actually purchase a book. It seems to get stuck on certain screens and it is difficult to change. The keyboard is super sensitive and hard to use. The reviews I read were all bad. Probably should have read them first.

I have all my backlist up at Nook now. It was as easy as putting them on Kindle thought some of the questions were different.

I am on vacation so I am trying to get some writing done on my western time-travel. It is going a bit slow because I am still tired from Christmas.

Everyone have a wonderful New Year. Remember it is time to set goals for the next year.

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