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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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Life has gotten extremely busy lately. I have an extra class to teach and of course, OCC contest entries to judge.
My book, The Kilted Governess, will be up on a Kindle and Nook with a new look next week, thanks to Lex Valentine. She made me the new cover. 
Eirica MacDougall’s ailing father promises her in marriage to a line of suitors who want her farm and are willing to overlook “the incident” that ruined her reputation at sixteen.  Also, her father hires Duncan MacKinnon as governess to her young sister and he steals Eirica’s heart. 
Then her father dies and the suitors become more adamant that she chose one.  Duncan steps in to help her run the farm.  But someone wants her inheritance and threatens her family. She must convince him to marry her to save her from the suitors. Duncan, having nothing to offer but his love, refuses. Then he must save her reputation and her life.
My youngest son, Rob, who some of you know, is going to be a father in September. They are having a little boy and for the moment, they are going to name him Elijah. Of course, they may be changing their minds before then.
My granddaughter turns one the end of next week. The time goes by so fast.
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