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Spending Time with Mom

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Hi friends! No writerly news for you this week. I’m spending time with my mom as she approaches perhaps her last days in the hospital. We’ll see what God’s plan is for her. This past week has been more of a blessing to me than I ever expected, and I can see it’s been a blessing for Mom, too. I’ve written a bit more personal note on my Kitty Bucholtz, Author web site if you want to take a look. I’ll write more about this journey over there in the next few weeks. 

Meanwhile, I’ll see how much of the Self-Publishers Online Conference (which started yesterday) that I can attend from the hospital and give you the highlights next month. I can’t say I’m all too worried about my productivity as a writer this week. But I do wonder if the words will start pouring out geyser-style when this is over.
I try to be professional here and not push people’s buttons by talking too much about God and how very much He impacts my life. But I’m breaking that rule now. I’ve never felt so surrounded by love and mercy the way I have this last week. And that’s why I know God isn’t a figment of our imagination, or an all-powerful but distant higher power. How can people love like this on their own? How can perfect strangers be so full of compassion and mercy by themselves without it coming from somewhere? I don’t believe it’s possible. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can still feel Him all around you if you have felt the love and care of other people for you. Pay attention this week and see if you agree.
All I know is that no matter how great an imagination I have as a novelist, I can’t make up the kind of peace I feel, even as I approach saying goodbye to my mother. It’s coming from outside of myself. And I don’t believe “the world” is capable of giving people this kind of deep peace. It’s God, and the only reason I can imagine He would do it is because He must love us. And that is really, really good news.
I hope you have good news this week. I’ll talk to you again soon!
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