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A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

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My newest book up at Kindle and Nook is Yesteryear’s Love with a new cover by Lex Valentine. It is a western time-travel.
Following clues in her great-grandmother’s diary, lovely Sarah Martin left the big city for Moose creek, Wyoming, hoping to trace her family history. As she stands in the town’s church, Sarah has a strange feeling that the figure in the stained glass window is calling to her. She turns away…
…and finds herself over a hundred hears in the past! It’s 1870, and suddenly Sarah must adjust to frontier life-and meet her great-grandparents. Then their friend, the handsome bachelor Joshua Campbell, arrives. He’s looking for a bride-and thinks it should be her. Sarah knows a dark secret about Joshua’s future and does not want to give her heart where there is no future. But this stubborn pioneer captures her heart before she can refuse him. Can they hope for lasting happiness-when the force that brought Sarah to Moose creek begins to call her back home?
My newest book, A Chance for Love, is also a western time-travel. It is coming along and I am down to the last 50 pages. There just hasn’t been much time to write, but the current term at school ends next week, so I should have time again. I would like to have the first draft done in August.
The sales for the self-published books has not been as good this spring, but seem to be picking up some. I am actually selling more at Nook than  I am at Kindle. I have no idea why the sales go the way they do and why some books sell more than others.
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