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The New Year

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My New Year’s resolution this year is much as it is every year: I resolve not to make any New Years resolutions!

I’m happy to see the new year arrive. It’s a fresh start, of sorts. But I don’t plan to do things much differently this year from last.

I do have a lot to accomplish this year, though, with all the writing and promotion I aspire–no, intend!–to do in 2013.

I intend to meet all deadlines. I intend to learn and implement as many ways as possible to let people know about my published work–self promotion has become an integral part of my life! I intend to work on some creative directions that may not fit the mold of what I’ve already been writing. I also intend to flesh out lots of fun new ideas for some of the genres I’ve been writing in.

Hey–did I just contradict myself? Maybe intentions aren’t so different from resolutions.

One thing’s for sure. I’m resolved to attend as many OCC meetings as possible, since interacting with my friends there helps to inspire me to continue. Plus, it’s fun.

So, Happy New Year to you–and may you accomplish all your resolutions or intentions!

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