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Writing Holiday Themed Stories – OCCRWA’s March Online Class

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Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson chimes in on her upcoming OCCRWA class:

Sometimes the ideas rain down on you, right? And then there are other times when you’re enduring a drought of them. Am I right?

Some ideas give you a nudge but then you’ve got that middle part of the book to write…that oh-so-long sometimes middle land…and the nudge has left the building.

Been there, lived that.

But there is a type of storyline that supplies a built in structure…and I’m not talking about historicals that follow a war or political engagement where what happened is the structure. I’m talking about the holidays!

Oddly enough, there are more holidays out there than a writer can shake a quill at…if we had quills. Okay, so we shake rollerballs and mechanical pencils and cell phones capable of recording voice messages to ourselves.

At any rate, if you were thinking Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, you’ve barely got your feet wet.

True, these are the themes that generate calls for anthologies, but if it’s a story with a word count that takes you into the novel range, the competition might be tough. Doesn’t mean you back off of the first holidays that come to mind, just expand out from there.

What is all of this leading up to? Well, a workshop, obviously!
WRITING HOLIDAY THEMED ROMANCE STORIES ALL YEAR ROUND kicks off on March 10th and takes us past April Fool’s Day but not quite to tax day, which only the government would term a holiday worth celebrating anyway.

I hope you’ll join me for a year’s worth of considering the prospects of various holidays throughout the year when it comes to spinning romances.

Visit OCCRWA.org here for more information and to sign up.

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