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Summer Time to Write

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Summer is fast approaching and many writers will have more distractions at home now that their children will be home from school. So now the task of setting writing goals, and finding quiet time to write becomes even more important.
The daily distractions of housework, errands, facebook, twitter, and other social media and more, are  just some of the things vying for your attention. Add cooking, family get-togethers, and summer sunshine, and a writer has to have a will of steel. It’s no wonder writers insist on having goals, a routine, and good writing habits. Not everyone thinks a job as a romance writer is a real job. If we don’t take it seriously then no one else will. Especially if you’re always available for everything and everyone but you’re not making time to write.
So how do we do it? I like having a weekly word count goal. It offers daily flexibility but still gives me an average daily goal to reach for. I schedule my writing time in the evenings when dinner is over and everyone is settling down, the house is quiet and the distractions are few. So having weekly and monthly goals is a good way to get started and keep writing. (Even if sending my babies out into the publishing world is frightening enough to give me hives). Everyone has to find the writing time that works best for them.
But what other goals or accomplishments would you like to achieve? In a month, a year? Make a list  and post them where you can see them daily. Making small goals to get started and increasing them as you reach each goal will keep you from stressing and you’ll feel pride every time you hit a goal.
What else can you do to keep writing? Do you need moral support? You’re not alone. Join a group of writer friends online and encourage each other by doing sprints, posting your word count, asking for help, or just supporting each other. There’s a world of writer’s out in virtual space and they’re anxious to meet you.
Writing Tips:
  • Writer’s learn by doing. So do it, WRITE! The more you write, the better your writing gets.
  • Never assume your writing is the best it can be. Take classes, read books, attend workshops, ask for critiques. Everything helps make you a better story teller.
  • Have faith, write what you love, and it will come through in your stories.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people. They understand what your life is like and will support you.  
  • And last but not least, write from the heart. The stories in your head can only be written by you.
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