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Upcoming Round Table Chapter Meeting

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by Linda O. Johnston
Did you realize that today is 6/6/16?  That’s right–sixth day of the sixth month of twenty-sixteen.  Lots of sixes–which are hopefully good luck despite their possibly bad reputation when grouped in sets of three.  I like sixes anyway.  And in addition to my romances and other mysteries, I happen to write the Superstition Mysteries.
But, boy, this year is certainly going fast–nearly at the halfway point.
As I mentioned last month, I missed several OCC meetings early in the year.  I did attend the one in May–and now I’ll be there for the June one, too.  A bunch of published authors have been recruited to lead discussions at various tables at the afternoon meeting, and I’ll be at the one where we’ll talk about traditional publishers.
Yes, I’ve been at this a long time, and although I’ve done a bit of self-publishing, including republishing some of my earliest backlist as e-books, mostly those published by Dorchester, I still remain mostly traditionally published.
And enjoy it.
For my mysteries, I’ve written for Berkley Prime Crime and am now being published by a smaller publisher, Midnight Ink.  I’m fortunate, since both have worked out well for me.
For romances, I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Harlequin series romance.  In fact, my next published novel, due out in August this year, will be COVERT ALLIANCE, a Harlequin Romantic Suspense.
I guess I’m qualified to talk about traditional publishing!   And I hope those of you who come to the meeting will join me at my table, along with Tara Lain, so we can talk about the pros and cons of it.

See you there!
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