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Labor Day Holiday Week

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by Linda O. Johnston
I mentioned this on another blog this week, but Happy Labor Day Week, everyone.  I used to pay a lot of attention to this and other holidays when I was a working attorney.  Now that I’m a full time writer, though, I’m generally aware of holidays but don’t give them much thought except in interest of what they celebrate.  But days off?  Hah!
I work every day, and I’m sure every one of you who’s also a writer does the same even if you have another job.  Of course those of you in retail and other professions might not get the holiday off anyway, which may be a shame depending on your situation.  At least writers choose to work constantly.  Sort of.  Our minds tell us what to do, every waking moment of the day and often during sleeping moments, too.
Me?  I’m either writing (including coming up with ideas and plotting), editing or promoting, and often it’s a combo of two or three–all the time.  Before I became a full time writer I could say the same, but I often cherished those days off to work on writing-related stuff, so those holidays weren’t days off for me then either.
One of the fun things about OCC is being in touch with people at many stages of their writing.  Many do have full time jobs and work their writing in the way I used to.  Others are like me, and writing is their life.  Professional life, that is.  Families always come first–including pets.
Unsurprisingly, I’m looking forward to Saturday’s meeting at the end of this holiday week.  In fact, I was asked to participate on a panel then but fortunately there was some flexibility as to when that panel was to occur, so I raised my hand to choose the other date.
Enjoy the rest of your week–and hope to see you at the meeting!
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