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Update on The Painted Queen

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The Painted Queen | Marianne H. Donley | A Slice of Orange I mention in May, that I won an ARC of The Painted Queen. (If you missed that post you can read about it here.)  I received my copy a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to report that Joan Hess did a fine job completing the manuscript. It has all the humor, all the mystery, and of course Egypt that were featured in all Amelia Peabody Novels.

If you’re a fan, you will absolutely enjoy the novel. If you’ve never read Amelia before, you will still appreciate the book, but you might miss some of the jokes.  (In addition to another shirt ruined there are titles of other books sprinkled about in conversation.)

My favorite quote: “A secret society??” Emerson exclaimed. (I assure the Reader that two interrogation point scarcely convey the vehemence of his question.) 

Wonder Book in Frederick, Maryland is holding a release party on July 25th.  They will have book plates signed by Joan Hess and a talk by Egyptologist, Dr. Ray Johnson. For more information .

On July 26th, Joan Hess will be talking and signing books at Mystery to Me in Madison, WI. For more information.

The Painted Queen will be released on July 25.  I hope you will let me know if you enjoyed it.


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Marianne H. Donley makes her home in Tennessee with her husband and son. She is a member of Bethlehem Writers Group, Romance Writers of America, OCC/RWA, and Music City Romance Writers. When Marianne isn’t working on A Slice of Orange, she might be writing short stories, funny romances or quirky murder mysteries, but this could be a rumor.

You can find her short mystery, Tomato Blight, in ONCE AROUND THE SUN.



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Meriam WilhelmThe one thing I know, after all my years as an elementary school principal, is that there is magic everywhere and in everyone. While I miss those enchanting moments with kids, I have always wanted to let my imagination run wild as I seek out my own magic and write about it. When I retired, I started to write my first books, a series called The Witches of New Moon Beach and inspiration wasn’t hard to find. I have lived in Redondo Beach all my life and New Moon might have more than a passing resemblance to my hometown. Every day I walk on the path that runs along the beach, sometimes with my sisters, but most often with my thoughts as I plot my next book. I am long married and mom to three great grown kids. When I’m not writing or walking on the beach, you’ll find me sewing, reading or traveling and taking pictures.



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