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A Review of In Twilight’s Hush, A Thriller by Laurie Stevens

April 24, 2020 by in category Apples & Oranges by Marianne H. Donley, Book Reviews

In Twilight’s Hush
A Gabriel McRay Novel Book 4
Laurie Stevens

Price: paperback $14.99 e-book: $6.99
Available wide
Publisher FYD Media, LLC April 2020
ISBN 978-0997006827

As a Homicide Detective for LA County Sheriff’s Department, Gabriel McRay has been assigned cold cases to investigate while he recovers from being kidnapped and held captive by a ruthless serial killer. He’s given the case of teenager, Nancy Lewicki, missing since 1988. Every clue he uncovers in Nancy’s case leads to more questions, but answers are dead-ends or blank walls. To make matters worse, his partner, good-cop to his bad-cop, is in jail.

His personal life is in shambles.

He’s not sleeping. His future father-in-law delights in insulting him—both for his choice of profession and his lack of finances. His fiancé, Dr. Ming Li, turns up the pressure on him by insisting on a huge wedding and by maintaining that daddy can pay for it. She also becomes distance when her parents come stay with her for an extended visit. His only friend is his therapist who refuses to be his best man.

Enter a celebrity psychic.

Gabriel tries to juggle his professional life and his personal life when a wildly popular celebrity psychic, Carmen Jenette, offers very public help with his cold case. He’s not interested, but she pushes the issue both with the Nancy’s family, with her powerful friends in the District Attorney’s Office, and with the public via her TV show. When Carmen is physically attacked all evidence leads back to his cold case. Gabriel realizes someone doesn’t want poor Nancy Lewicki found, and they’ll kill to keep what happened to her a secret.

Why I liked the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading In Twilight’s Hush. Gabriel McRay, despite all his problems and flaws, is a very likeable character. He tries to do his best for Nancy Lewicki, her family and, even though he doesn’t trust her, Carmen Jenette. He also tries to balance his needs with Ming’s and understand her relationship with her parents without trying to fix everything for her.

Readers who like Lisa Gardner’s DD Warren series or Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli & Isles series will enjoy reading Laurie Stevens. In Twilight’s Hush is the fourth Gabriel McRay novel but it stands alone. A reader wouldn’t have to have read the other three to follow the action or backstory. Gabriel McRay is an engaging character, and Ms. Stevens does a great job of weaving a compelling story, so I suspect a reader will want to read them all. The other titles in the series are The Dark Before Dawn, Deep into Dusk, and The Mask of Midnight.  This series has won twelve awards, among them Best of Kirkus Reviews, an IPPY for Best Mystery/Thriller, Library Journal’s Self-E Award, and Random House Editor’s Book of the Month.

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