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Werewolves and Hawks and Cougars, Oh, My!

August 6, 2011 by in category Pets, Romance & Lots of Suspense by Linda O. Johnston tagged as , ,
by Linda O Johnston

I’m just ending a spree of writing and/or editing three different stories in my Alpha Force miniseries for Harlequin Nocturne, all with deadlines within three weeks of one another. Not only that, but I was traveling in the middle of it all. Fun, but grueling at times!

What precipitated this? Well, I already had a deadline for my fourth Alpha Force full-length book pending at the beginning of August. Alpha Force is a covert military force of shapeshifters which I created for Nocturne–Harlequin’s paranormal romance series. All of my full-length Alpha Force Nocturnes feature shapeshifters who are werewolves.

I also had two Alpha Force Nocturne Bites pending–what I refer to as e-novellas, since they are shorter than the full length Nocturnes and available only on line (except if later printed in an anthology like my first, CLAWS OF THE LYNX, was). In the Bites, I include shapeshifters who can change into other kinds of animals.

I had turned in the manuscript for my second Bites, HAWK’S CHALLENGE, but since it’s an October release my edits were pending… and I received initial ones the week before I left on a family vacation–a Caribbean cruise. The completed edits were sent while I was at sea, and although I had Internet access I wasn’t able to download them. Fortunately, the additional changes didn’t require much input, but I had to turn around the edits I’d already received in a day’s time–while onboard! I was happy to learn that, though I couldn’t download attachments, my editor could download the ones I sent to her.

I had completed a manuscript for my next full-length Nocturne (title still pending) but needed to finish editing it to send it off soon after I returned home. As a result, I was still editing it on the trip.

And… I had an entire Bites to write while traveling! My deadline was supposed to have been next year. However, Harlequin is ending the Bites line and replacing it with the new Nocturne Cravings line. I’d learned that at RWA National but was initially told that my deadline wouldn’t change. However, it did! My final Bites, COUGAR’S CONQUEST, is now scheduled for publication in November 2011, the month after HAWK’S CHALLENGE.

So, yes, I was writing COUGAR’S CONQUEST while traveling. Since Bites aren’t too long, I felt I could do it–but I hit a snag when I lost an entire chapter by accidentally saving something else over it. I rewrote it after dinner that same day… a very long day, I might add. I’m just about to send in that manuscript after completing and editing it.

Oh, and by the way–my third full-length Alpha Force Nocturne, GUARDIAN WOLF, just happens to be an August release…

Do deadlines sometimes drive you nuts? Do you enjoy them as much as I do anyway?

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