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Book Review: Girls’ Night Out by Glynis Astie

November 27, 2018 by in category Book Reviews by Geralyn Corcillo tagged as , , , , ,

Girls’ Night Out by Glynis Astie is just released and available now! I adored indulging in this book – a hilarious and heartfelt romp that conjures up the bubbly glee of The Facts of Life and the sassy wisdom of The Golden Girls.

Amanda, Jayne, and Holly have been best friends since girlhood. And now, with their thirties on the horizon, they still have each other’s backs as they gossip, goad, and, well, get tipsy. Amanda has always been fabulous, successful, and in control – but can her besties help her navigate the unexpected curve ball life throws her way? It is such fun watching Amanda bulldoze her way through life in stellar footwear even as her playbook is being ripped to shreds.

Jayne has been working her butt off for years trying to get that promotion to anchor at her local news station. But her new boss Tony is determined to make her life miserable, treating her like a cub reporter who just fell off the turnip truck. Who cares if he’s really hot? He’s a total jerk. Okay, so maybe everyone can’t see what a jerk he is … but he totally is! As that anchor chair comes within her reach and she starts falling for Tony, Jayne realizes that as an ambitious reporter with goals of advancement, she will have to make a decision between her dream job and her dream guy. And she’s pretty sure that not even her best friends can help her out of this dilemma. Oh, how I feel for Jayne and her turmoil throughout this book, even as she tries to dodge the really tough decisions with some pretty spectacularly ill-advised shenanigans!!

Holly just wants life to feel right for a change. It always feels so wrong. Wrong job, wrong guy, wrong hairstyle. Can her best friends offer any guidance? They are such movers and shakers and Holly just … isn’t like them. It seems that Link, the nerd she’s been friends with since grade school, is the only one who truly gets her. And he’s not such a nerd any longer… Following Holly’s story is just such a charming delight!

As you lose yourself in this romcom, Astie will make you feel like you are sitting at the table with your own margarita, ready to jump in with your two cents that might be anything from warm to snarky. You will feel that you are a part of a an intimate circle of friends, always ready to laugh, cry, or pass the fries. Girls’  Night Out  by Glynis Astie, Available now!

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