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Comics and the Civil War: Girls want to have fun, too by Jina Bacarr

October 11, 2015 by in category Archives tagged as , , , , , , , , , , ,
Imagine curling up between the sheets with a broad-shouldered, hunky hero. 
Drooling over those abs. Page after page.
Wishing you were the heroine captured in his big, strong arms.

Spread out over gorgeous pages of…

Comic books.
Last month, I wrote about how the characters in my Kindle Scout winner, LOVE ME FOREVER, wanted to be video stars.
Comics give historical romance a whole new perspective. 
Heroines in pretty gowns running for their lives, hoop skirts flying up over their heads. 
Southern belles flirting with that hottie in a Union Army uniform, hoping for more than a kiss. 
Secrets to help the Confederacy…
Sassy talk. 
Sassier looks on their faces. 
And those love scenes…oh, my.
If guys can have their comics, why can’t we girls have our heroines and hunky heroes in comics, too?
Romance comics.


Would you read a historical romance in comic book or graphic novel format?


Featured Image -- 2069

If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner:


She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is now available from Kindle Press at Amazon.com

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Who’s ever seen a Christmas Piano Tree? by Jina Bacarr

December 11, 2014 by in category Archives tagged as , , , , , , , , , , ,

I asked myself that question when I was looking for ideas for a cover for my holiday romance, A Christmas Piano Tree.

You can’t stick a picture of a Christmas tree on a piano…and the story is a romance. Got to have gorgeous hero and pretty heroine on the cover…but where to start?

That’s when I decided to take a cover class from Andris Bear www.andrisbear.com and Lily Smith http://www.coversbylily.com through the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.


Andris and Lily critiqued and gave suggestions to my cover until I got it right. Thank you, ladies!! I highly recommend their class if you want to do your own covers. Lily and Andris are awesome!

I love www.Dreamstime.com for stock photos, and since I have somewhat of an art background, I enjoy the process of cover design (once upon another life I studied design for the theatre). Here is a Spanish-theme sketch I did for a Vegas-type extravaganza.

Jina Bacarr's photo.

I’ve always had a love for design since I was a kid and I drew pictures in my dad’s encyclopedias (remember those?).

Here’s a sketch for a dress design I did at age 11. Somehow it has survived numerous moves around the country and overseas…

What kind of covers do you enjoy for Christmas books?

I totally enjoyed putting the cover together for “A Christmas Piano Tree,” the story of a pretty young war widow who re-discovers the magic of the holiday season with the help of a homeless vet and an old piano. I hope you like it.

Check out my Christmas Piano Tree Pinterest board!

 Cyber Santa is asking for your vote…

The Christmas Piano Tree” is included in the December Cover Wars on Masqueradecrew.blogspot.com!

Check out all the wonderful covers and vote for your favorites… 

Thanks for listening! 


Vote for The Christmas Piano Tree or one of several others: http://buff.ly/1vD4xsW



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