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A Year Is An Ocean by Veronica Jorge

December 22, 2022 by in category Write From the Heart by Veronica Jorge tagged as , ,

As the year draws to an end, preparing to close its final chapter, I think of the beach.

It might seem perfectly normal to those of you living in sunny climates, or to snow bunnies hastening away from the cold. But to those of us in areas that have already seen our first snow, it might sound strange.

To me, beginnings and endings can be like the ocean.

Like a rushing tide, every New Year, we rush toward new goals and hopes.

Sometimes shrinking back in fear, or drifting away into distant doubts and difficult memories.

Sturdy ocean rocks, like strong foundations, enable us to stand secure. And even walk on water, like faithful friends that make us believe we can do the impossible.

Our footprints in the sand are washed away like our past failings and errors. While a merciful new year, grants us another chance at life.

The 1960s song, Try to Remember, written by Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, plays in my mind. Emotion tightens my throat. My heart forms a prayer for the coming year.

May no one weep. Not even the willow.

Veronica Jorge

See you next time on January 22, 2023! 

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