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Wishes Do Come True by Autumn Jordon, 2009 Golden Heart Finalist

January 29, 2010 by in category Blogs tagged as , ,

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.” Richard Bach

A friend gave me a plague with the above quote inscribed on it many years ago. The plague still remains hung on my office wall and that quote has inspired me to take steps in my life that I might not have taken otherwise.

One path I started on was to strive to write for publication and years later, I’m finally seeing my dreams come true. My first release, OBSSESED BY WILDFIRE, hit the cyber-shelf this past Wednesday, January 27, 2010! I’m so excited.

OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE is not my first completed novel, it’s not even my second or third. Does its ranking, among my completed works, diminish the excitement which tingles my entire soul today? Ah, NO!

OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE is rated HOT! I didn’t know I could write HOT.

The story, set in the town of Wayback, Texas, is about a woman, Isobel, who meets a man, Warner, who could stop her from accomplishing her dreams of becoming the next national champion barrel racer. I love the banter Isabelle’s emotional conflict causes between her and the sexy fire marshal. And it’s good Warner knows how to handle wildfires because sparks rage between him and Issy.
Okay, I guess it should be rated hot.
Here’s an excerpt:
“Warner Keyson. You?” He folded his arms across his chest. His muscles bulged from beneath the rolled back sleeves of his white dress shirt. She’d seen bigger forearms—on a few NFL players.
“Isobel Trinidad.”
“Well, Ms. Trinidad, you could’ve caused some damage or killed someone the way you barreled in here.”
“The last time I heard, Raleigh was Wayback’s chief and you’re not one of his officers. Besides everyone’s inside.”
“There could be a couple or two in the backseat of those cars. You know, enjoying the night.”
Warner Keyson’s warm caramel gaze drifted over her and Isobel’s legs buckled a degree before she roped off her reaction. Refusing to look away, she wrestled the urge to step closer and touch the cute dark lock that curled behind Mr. Keyson’s right ear. “Were you peeking in windows?”
“Nah, not peeking.” His full lips pulled up the tiniest bit.
Looking pass him, she scanned the cars. Had he been in the backseat of one of them? Had one of the local girls already run him down and claimed him?
“So what do you have in mind with that whip?”
If you’d like to read the entire story, and I hope you will, here is the link to The Wild Rose Press home page.
And if you’d like to see a trailer for Obsessed BY Wildfire here is a link to that.

Finally, I hope you’ll visit my website http://www.autumnjordon.com/   and check my next release, Evil’s Witness, my Golden Heart entry.

Autunm Jordon
2009 Golden Heart Finalist
Obsessed By Wildfire January 27, 2010 The Wild Rose Press
& Evil’s Witness June 18, 2010

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